The Jo Adell Baseball Camp

The Jo Adell Baseball Camp is an outreach to urban, inner city, low-income kids who are encouraged to play baseball, a sport that is not often considered in many urban areas.

The camp offers kids in the city of Louisville the chance to be around Jo and his baseball friends, who are professional athletes of color. The camp works closely with Jefferson County Public Schools to identify kids who wish to participate. Many of our Louisville Youth need to see kids who have grown up in our community, who look like them being successful. Currently, Jo is the only African American professional baseball player who has grown up in Louisville, utilized the city’s resources, been a product of JCPS, and has been intentional about staying connected with Louisville. 

The Jo Adell Baseball Camp utilizes the same coaches and trainers who worked with Jo and were a part of his success.

The Jo Adell Baseball Camp also includes a workshop for families covering topics such as being successful in high school and the college recruitment process. 

Community Impact

Players Ages 9-17